Executive Leadership

Kazuo Nakamura, Ph.D
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.

Dr. Nakamura is our Chairman and CEO. He started a first CRO in Japan in 1992 and greatly contributed to found the Japan CRO Association with three other companies working in the field at that time Dr. Nakamura served as secretariat for 5 years from its establishment. As a chairman of the Japan CRO Association from 1999 until 2002, Dr. Nakamura dedicated his time and broad network in this industry to expand the Association and the CRO industry in Japan as a whole. The history of CMIC directly reflects the history of CROs in Japan. Prior to founding CMIC, Dr. Nakamura was a project team leader of the development of Pravastatin, a blockbuster drug primarily used for the treatment of dyslipidemia and the prevention of cardiovascular disease, in Sankyo Co., Ltd.

Dr. Nakamuara earned his bachelor’s degree from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University and doctoral degree from Graduate School of Natural Science & Technology, Kanazawa University.

Dr. Nakamura said, “CMIC Group pioneered the CRO business in Japan. We started out to support the development of pharmaceuticals, and it now offers greatly expanded services that encompass an entire value-chain of pharmaceutical companies, including manufacturing, sales, and marketing, based on our unique “Pharmaceutical Value Creator (PVC)” business model. We also offer services to medical device manufacturers, academia, bio-ventures, and medical institutions. We also provide prophylaxis and health enhancing services to the public. We will continue to establish business models that create further value and contribute to greater advances in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Keiko Oishi (Nakamura)
President and Chief Operating Officer, CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.

Ms. Oishi is the President and COO of CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., responsible for group-wide business execution.

Ms. Oishi received her Master of Science degree from the University of Tokyo. She started her career at Nikkei McGraw-Hill, Inc. in Japan (now renamed Nikkei Business Publications), as a staff writer for Nikkei Biotech, the first Japanese newsletter specializing in biotechnology. She accumulated her biotechnology industry career through working in Genzyme Japan, Ltd., and Genentech, Ltd., a Japanese Branch of Genentech, Inc. in the U.S.

Ms. Oishi joined CMIC in 1996, as Manager of the Strategy Development Department. Over the past 20 years, she has been responsible for International Business and Corporate Development, covering Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan and other regions in Asia Pacific, as well as for International Business Development which function could bring in foreign pharma and biotech companies that are interested in drug development in Japan and Asia, to start their regulatory and clinical activities in the region. With her broad international experience and strong leadership, she continuously leads the company to further globalization.

Wataru Mochizuki
Chief Financial Officer, CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.

Mr. Mochizuki joined CMIC in 2005 as an executive officer for internal control and corporate finance and was assigned as Chief Financial Officer in 2012. Since then, he has been responsible for directing the fiscal functions of the corporation in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and other regulatory and advisory organizations and in accordance with financial management techniques and practices appropriate within the industry. Prior to CMIC, Mr. Mochizuki served as a corporate officer for finance at the US-based venture company of the networking device and led the company to achieve the IPO on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Served as various senior roles in finance, Mr. Mochizuki contributed to develop corporate strategy and establish cross-functional partnerships in the financial point of view. Mr. Mochizuki started his career outside the healthcare industry until he joined Site Support Institute Co., Ltd., Site Management Organization of CMIC Group; however, as pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare industries faced revolutionary changes, he would play a part of the leadership roles in CMIC Group bringing innovation in this industry by providing new services and products.
Mr. Mochizuki received a bachelor of arts in Commerce from WASEDA University.

Makoto Matsukawa
Executive Vice President, CMIC HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director and CEO, CMIC CMO Co., Ltd.

Mr. Matsukawa joined CMIC in 2012 as an executive officer for Corporate Planning and IPD business. Since 2013, he has been responsible for Corporate Business Development. Mr. Matsukawa started the first 15 years of his career at pharmaceutical and medical device companies, such as Baxter Healthcare. He made his career move to join Starbucks Coffee Japan as head of HR to build business foundation and also served as the head of marketing. Mr. Matsukawa became head of HR and corporate planning at Pacific Golf Management owned by Lone Star, where he turned around bankrupt golf course companies to achieve IPO listing at Tokyo Stock Exchange. Prior to joining CMIC, Mr. Matsukawa served as the head of HR/VP at Quintiles Japan. Currently, Mr. Matsukawa is the Representative Director & CEO of CMIC CMO Co. Ltd. (CDMO business) , as well as board member and Executive Vice President of CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.

Toru Fujieda
Executive Vice President, CMIC HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd.
President, CMIC Co., Ltd.

Mr. Fujieda is the President of CMIC Co., Ltd. and he is a board member and Executive Vice President of CMIC HOLDINGS. He joined the company in 2016. Prior to joining CMIC, Mr. Fujieda served as Vice President, Clinical Execution, at Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd., and was responsible for vendor selection and management of contract research organizations. Mr. Fujieda first joined Sankyo in 1984, and focused on drug development. He contributed significantly to the development of two new drugs including Pravastatin, the first blockbuster statin drug in the world used for the treatment of dyslipidemia. He also contributed significantly to the development of Laninamivir, a single shot neuraminidase inhibitor for the treatment and prophylaxis of Influenzavirus A and Influenzavirus B. After 30 years of service at Sankyo and Daiichi Sankyo, Mr. Fujieda decided to join CMIC, the No.1 CRO in Japan, because of CMIC’s successful history of providing a variety of CRO services for new drug development. Since joining CMIC, Mr. Fujieda has contributed to the development of new drugs, medical devices, regenerative medicine products, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and various additional healthcare innovations. Mr. Fujieda received a master’s degree in Pharmacy from Kyushu University.

Philippe Auvaro
Executive Vice President, CMIC HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd.
President, OrphanPacific, Inc.

Mr. Auvaro has been the President of OrphanPacific, Inc. since 2016. OrphanPacific, Inc. is a joint venture between CMIC Group and MEDIPAL Group. Mr. Auvaro has been a member of the board of CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. since 2016. He is responsible for supporting CMIC Group in Japan and worldwide to develop the pharmaceutical value creator concept for pharmaceutical industry clients. Additionally, he is responsible for helping patients in Japan gain access to rare disease treatments. Prior to joining CMIC Group, he established and was President of the Japan-based affiliate of Aspen Pharmacare, which is one of the largest generics manufactures in the world. Mr. Auvaro spent the 25 year period prior to joining Aspen holding various senior management positions at companies including GlaxoSmithKline in Japan, the Aventis joint-venture in Korea, Handok Pharmaceuticals in Korea, Aventis in Taiwan, and Roussel in various countries in the Asia-Pacific region. He received a bachelor’s degree in Management & Finance from ESLSCA Business School in France. He also completed the master’s of art exchange program with Sophia University (Japan) in Corporate Finance.

Yoshiyuki Hano
Chief Human Resources Officer, CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hano has been CMIC’s Chief Human Resources Officer since 2012. He is responsible for the global management of CMIC’s human resources function, including talent acquisition, learning and development, and organizational development. Prior to joining CMIC, Mr. Hano served as Director of Human Resources at Quintiles International Japan between 2011 and 2012. At Quintiles, he led the design and launch of the company’s talent management system. Before joining Quintiles, Mr. Hano was with AstraZeneca K.K. for more than 25 years, focusing primarily on sales and business development. He led several major sales division initiatives, which resulted in improved sales performance. Mr. Hano also led the organizational transition project team for the acquisition of Astra and Zeneca in 2000. During his 30 year career in the healthcare industry, Mr. Hano has seen firsthand the positive societal impact of many types of healthcare products. Looking forward, he wants to contribute to the development of innovative products that improve patient lives. Mr. Hano received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ritsumeikan University.

Akihisa Mitake
Executive Vice President, CMIC HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd.
President, Site Support Institute Co., Ltd.

Mr. Mitake has been the President of Site Support Institute Co., Ltd. since 2016. Site Support is a leading site management organization (SMO) in Japan. It is a subsidiary of CMIC. Mr. Mitake joined CMIC Clinical Operations in 1993. He was an early member of the team that established CMIC’s CRO business in Japan until 2004. From 2004 to 2007, Mr. Mitake served as the President of GreenPeptide Co., Ltd. (now BrightPath Biotherapeutics Co., Ltd.), which is a venture company that was started out of Kurume University. GreenPeptide performs research and development, manufacturing, and marketing for onco-immunotherapy drugs. He spearheaded the first-in-human clinical trials for cancer peptide vaccines on patients with hormone-refractory prostate cancer and glioblastoma in Japan. He raised 3 billion Japanese yen of venture capital to fund these phase 2 trials. After returning to CMIC in 2007, Mr. Mitake held several senior management roles including branch office manager, executive director of CMIC Korea, corporate officer for business development, President of CMIC PMS and the CMIC BIORESEARCH CENTER. His innovative work has helped CMIC obtain a patent on CRO industry report documentation systems. Prior to joining CMIC in 1993, Mr. Mitake was a project leader for several drugs in clinical operations in TAIHO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. His mother was diagnosed with an unknown eye disorder when he was in elementary school. This was instrumental in Mr. Mitake’s decision to pursue a career in the healthcare field. He has strived to develop innovative drugs, preventive medicine, and personalized medicine. Mr. Mitake received a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Toho University. Pharmacist.

Nobuhiro Suzuki, Ph.D.
Scientific Fellow, Vice President, CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.

Dr. Suzuki has been the Chief Scientific Officer of CMIC HOLDINGS since October 2014. He is responsible for evaluating new businesses, especially in next-generation antibodies, medium- and large-molecule drugs, and diagnostics and biomarkers, from the scientific point of view. Prior to joining CMIC, Dr. Suzuki served in several roles at Takeda Pharmaceuticals beginning in 1980. As Director of Frontier Research Laboratories, he led several projects for the development of regenerative medicines, nucleic acid medicines and peptide medicines. As the pharmacology group leader, Dr. Suzuki also led projects for the development for GnRH antagoists, insulin secretagogues, and small-molecule G-protein coupled receptor of anti-obesity drugs. His involvement in the development of Sandwich-ELISA, the measurement system of Amyloid β40/42, contributed to the pathology understanding of Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Suzuki said that he would contribute to the innovative drug development for new modalities like next-generation antibodies, cyclic peptide and nucleic acid. Dr. Suzuki earned a master’s degree in Chemistry from Kyoto University and a doctoral degree from Gifu Pharmaceutical University. He was a visiting research fellow at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio in 1993.

Teruyoshi Okuda
Senior Vice President, CMIC HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd.
President, CMIC Shiftzero K.K.

Mr. Okuda has been the President of CMIC Shiftzero and a Senior Vice President of CMIC HOLDINGS since 2016. CMIC Shiftzero is a joint venture between CMIC HOLDINGS and Shiftzero, specializing in clinical development, marketing, and consulting for the oncology field. Mr. Okuda has extensive experience in oncology, having started his career after graduate school in the drug development area of Nippon Roche K.K. as a clinical research associate. Mr. Okuda has led major development projects in oncology at Nippon Roche and Rhone-Poulenc Rorer K.K. As a specialist in oncology, Mr. Okuda believes that collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and oncologists will lead to the development of new therapeutic approaches that will both help cancer patients as well as create value for healthcare companies. Mr. Okuda earned a bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science and master’s degrees in Pharmaceutical science and organic chemistry from Tokyo University of Science.

Hiroshi Kosaku
Senior Vice President, CMIC HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd.
President, CMIC Pharma Science Co., Ltd.

Mr. Kosaku has been the President of CMIC Pharma Science Co., Ltd. since 2016. CMIC Pharma Science Co., Ltd. is a non-clinical CRO that is part of CMIC Group. Mr. Kosaku’s mandate is to lead the company in highly competitive non-clinical areas and to provide comprehensive product lifecycle solutions. Mr. Kosaku has been with CMIC since 2004, holding various senior management positions in the CRO business in areas including business development, clinical operations, and corporate planning. Prior to joining CMIC, he was a clinical operations and clinical planning project leader at Japan Tobacco, Inc. At Japan Tobacco, he managed global clinical projects with RWJPRI (currently Janssen Pharmaceutical) and he was a Director of regulatory affairs leading marketing approvals for 2 anti-HIV drugs. Mr. Kosaku received his master’s degree in Agricultural Chemistry from the University of Tokyo.

Mike Suga
Senior Vice President, CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
President & CEO, CMIC, INC.

Mike is the President & CEO of CMIC, INC., located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois (near Chicago O’Hare Airport), an emerging lab CRO and a service provider specialized in BioAnalysis for supporting pre-clinical TK and clinical PK/PD biomarker studies during development of biologics and oligonucleotides as well as small molecule pharmaceuticals. The company started lab operation at its purpose-built GLP facility as JCL Bioassay USA in 2010, and joined CMIC Group through acquisition in 2015. Since then, Mike has been in this Chicago-based leadership position, and also led strategic facility investment in 2017, along with CMIC’s new U.S. client base expansion after acquisition and integration.
Prior to joining CMIC, Mike was the Deputy General Manager of GE Healthcare’s CT/MRI contrast media in-vivo diagnostics and PET/SPECT radio-pharmaceuticals division in Japan, where he was the first employee soon after GE’s acquisition of former Amersham, and was responsible for establishing a new pharmaceutical operation reporting into GE Healthcare’s U.K. Headquarters. While at GE, Mike was not only leading a number of pharmaceutical and IP licensing (e.g., Daiichi Sankyo, Sumitomo Chemical, Fujifilm) and regulatory authority (PMDA/MHLW) negotiations, but also was heavily involved in clinical trials (GCP) and CMC development (GMP) both globally (Phase III ~ Post-approval) and regionally(Asian-Caucasian bridging Phase I~II).
Mike started his 30-year professional career as a tissue culture and genomics scientist at JT (now a.k.a. Akros) genetic engineering lab, and later spent five years in New York and San Francisco as JT’s recombinant DNA business development manager. Mike earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agricultural biosciences from University of Tokyo. He also completed GE’s internal executive training program at its Crotonville, New York main campus

Kei Kasai
Senior Vice President, CMIC HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd.
President, CMIC Career Co., Ltd.

Ms. Kasai has been the President of CMIC Career Co., Ltd. since 2014. She is responsible for the HR services that CMIC provides including: recruiting services, provision of temporary personnel, and contract services in the healthcare industry. Ms. Kasai joined CMIC BS Co., Ltd. in 2007 as site manager from the pharmacovigilance department of a foreign-affiliated pharmaceutical company. Prior to joining CMIC, Ms. Kasai worked in several different industries and held various roles including: elementary school teacher, sales manager and art director at a company publicly listed on JASDAQ, and director of a resort hotel. Since becoming affiliated with CMIC, she has contributed to society through her support of healthcare workers. Looking ahead, one of Ms. Kasai’s goals is to develop new models for nursing care facility management to help serve an aging society. Ms. Kasai received her Bachelor of Education (Child Psychology) from Hirosaki University with School Teacher’s licenses for Elementary Scholl (Type 1), Junior High School (Type 1) and High School (Type 2). She is also certified as an Executive Coaching and Executive Career Consultant.

Shinichi Keino
Senior Vice President, CMIC HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd.
President, CMIC Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Mr. Keino is the President of CMIC Healthcare Co., Ltd. and Senior Vice President of CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. He joined the CMIC CRO business development group in 1999. Since joining CMIC, he has held leadership roles related to the SMO business startup (in 2001), the CRO business startup in China (in 2005), the SMO business turnaround (in 2007), and the management of the Asian business (in 2010). Since 2015, he has managed CMIC’s Healthcare business. As President of CMIC Healthcare Co., Ltd., Mr. Keino’s mission is to facilitate healthcare innovation by providing comprehensive service solutions in the areas of patient record keeping and patient information sharing. Prior to joining CMIC, Mr. Keino worked at the administrative scrivener's office supporting documentation and submission of certifications and registrations for medical devices. Mr. Keino received a bachelor’s degree in French Literature from Meiji Gakuin University.

Hisao Matsubara
Senior Vice President, CMIC HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director, CMIC Ashfield Co., Ltd.
General Director, CMIC Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Mr. Matsubara has been General Director of CMIC Vietnam since 2015. CMIC Vietnam is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMIC HOLDINGS. CMIC Vietnam supports the introduction of drugs, medical devices, supplements, and other medical products into the Vietnamese market. Previously, Mr. Matsubara held roles including President of Healthclick and Unit Head of CMIC Healthcare. He has also held senior director roles in Corporate Planning, New Business Development, Finance/Accounting, and Corporate General Administration. Prior to joining CMIC in 2008, Mr. Matsubara was Director of Learning and Development at Quintiles Transnational Japan starting in 2006. Before joineing Quintiles Transnational Japan, he worked at the President’s Office of Sankyo Co., Ltd., where he managed merger and divestiture negotiations. Mr. Matsubara graduated from Shizuoka College of Pharmacy with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacokinetics. He has more than 20 years of healthcare industry experience that he can utilize to help expand business in the Vietnamese and neighboring country markets. Pharmacist.

Waedong Lee
Representative Director and President, CMIC CMO Korea Co., Ltd.

Mr. Lee has been a Representative Director and President of CMIC CMO Korea since 2014. He is responsible for manufacturing supervision (Ointment/Cream/Gel) and quality assurance/control. He joined CMIC CMO Korea as a plant manager and director of production in 2008. He has extensive experience in GMP manufacturing and quality assurance/control in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining CMIC CMO Korea, Mr. Lee served as senior leader and senior manager for quality assurance/control of Korea Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. and was responsible for managing application and approval work of Asian and Arab registrations. In this capacity, he supervised manufacturing, evaluated operations, and oversaw facilities and equipment capital investments. Mr. Lee started his career in quality assurance/control at SAMIL Pharmaceutical Co. in 1992, helping the company obtain certifications of domestic and foreign GMP. Subsequently, he managed the NDA registration process for drug exportation and GMP inspection of affiliate companies Korea Otsuka Pharmaceuticals and CHOONGWAE Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Lee earned a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Sungkyunkwan University and completed doctoral degree coursework in Pharmacy at Sungkyunkwan University. Pharmacist.

Yasuhiro Sejima
President, CMIC CMO USA Corporation