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Major Equipment: Equipment for Medicinal Drugs

QTRAP 6500

The QTRAP6500 is quadrupole mass spectrometer in which triple quadrupoles and linear ion trap capabilities are merged with multi-component IonDriveTM.
MRM3 (MS/MS/MS) workflows can handle wide range of compound analysis with low background noise, reduction in interference of endogenous and co-eluting substances as well as mass range with a 2000 m/z upper mass limit.
Based on those characteristics, it is suitable for both small and large molecule drugs which meet various needs.


QTRAP 5500,Triple Quad 5500

Mass spectrometer Triple Quad 5500 is designed to deliver high levels of sensitivity, robustness and reproducibility by QJet2 Ion Guide.
QTRAP 5500 is a hybrid mass spectrometer of triple quadrupole and linear ion trap.
The system is designed to measure small molecules, metabolites, nucleic acids, and peptides as well as biomarkers.
We combine those 3 equipment with UPLC to perform high throughput analysis at ultrasensitive fg level.
Thus, we have analytical systems for the measurement of drug concentration in biological samples for various types of pharmaceutical drugs, and please do not hesitate to contact us.


Major Equipment: Equipment for Biopharmaceuticals

Gyrolab xP workstation

ELISA system which can perform automatically from dispensing to analyzing samples.
Required sample volume is a few micrometers which is smaller than conventional ELISA and enables to reduce measurement time.
It is suitable for quantitative analysis of large molecules such as biopharmaceuticals as its reproducibility of results and comparability with foreign data are better than conventional system.
In addition, the system can analyze anti-drug antibodies.


SpectraMax M4

Large molecules like biopharmaceuticals are measured generally with an ELISA.
SpectraMax M4, a multi-mode microplate reader, can choose modes to read depending on labeled material (absorption, fluorescence, luminescence and time-resolved fluorescence).


SECTOR Imager 6000

Electrochemical luminescence (ECL) offers higher sensitivity and wider dynamic range than ELISA.
Influence of matrix is small and low affinity antibodies can be detected.
Large molecules such as biopharmaceuticals and anti-drug antibodies can be analyzed by ELISA and ECL.


Major Facility

Biohazard room

Our BSL2 Biohazard room is used for preparation of biological specimens obtained from clinical phase Ⅱ or later. Scientists are educated for safety and health, and they are immunized with HB vaccination.

Deep freezer

Deep freezers (-80℃) are connected with temperature control systems and independent electric generators. Biological samples are securely stored until they are analyzed.

Compressor room

A compressor is connected to an air tank to provide stable compressed air to ultrasensitive instruments (LC-MS/MS). In case of emergency, other compressor can back up the operation.

Cleaning room

Scientists clean lab wares used for testing by themselves in accordance with physicochemically appropriate methods so as to prevent contamination in the lab.

Uninterruptible power supply

LC-MS/MS is connected to uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect analyzing data from instantaneous power failure.


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