Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) Manufacturing

Our long experience in IMP manufacturing allows us to offer flexible IMP production, from small to large scale depending on our clients’ requirements, at our dedicated IMP manufacturing complex. Placebo manufacturing and drug packing for double-blind studies are also available.


CMIC's Edge in Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) Manufacturing

  • Dedicated IMP manufacturing complex to meet diverse client needs
  • Timely and accurate IMP supply in tandem with the speed of development
  • Flexible service to include just part of the entire process if needed, such as testing, labeling, or packing only
  • Seamless support throughout, from the formulation study through IMP manufacturing to commercial manufacturing
    Total contracting (CRO and CMO in addition to IMP manufacturing) available within the CMIC Group

Our Services

  • Technology transfer
  • Technology transfer and production scale-up (optimization of manufacturing conditions)
  • IMP manufacturing
  • Placebo manufacturing
    Drug packing for double-blind studies

Dosage Form

Tablets(uncoated tablets,film-coated tablets), Capsules, Powders, Fine particles, Granules, Injections, Ointmens/Creams, Gels, External-use liquids, Suppositories


Contact services available for manufacturing

Ethical drugs, OTC drugs, investigational drugs, Quasi-drugs


Inquiries about our services

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