Pathologic Examination

  • Rapid pathological testing of various tissue specimens recovered from rats, dogs, monkeys, etc., with pathohistological examination by a board-certified toxicologic pathologist.
  • A range of staining options (HE staining, immunostaining, and other specific staining) with optional image analysis service
  • Flexible services to meet clients’ needs, such as specimen preparation only or microscopic examination/evaluation only, are also available


List of Studies

  • Histopathological examination in toxicity study
  • Histopathological examination and morphometry of efficacy pharmacology study
  • Capable of performing histopathological examination only
    • HE staining
    • Special staining (connective tissue, polysaccharide, in vivo dye, etc.)
    • Immunostaining
    • Preparation of frozen sections to fat staining

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