Quality Testing for High Pharmacological Active APIs and Products (Quality Analysis of Chemical Hazardous Materials)

Applicable Drugs

  • Anticancer drugs
  • Hormones
  • Poisonous drugs/substances
  • Special toxic substances
    (Genotoxicity, Reproductive toxicity)
  • Narcotics/Psychotropics

Analytical Services

  • HPLC (Purity, Quantitative)
  • Water (Karl Fischer method)
  • ICP-AES (Metal Impurities)
  • Heavy metal, Arsenic
  • Residue on ignition
  • Other analysis such as Pharmaceutical analysis, Physical property of API

Our Chemical Hazard Service

Please feel free to contact us for any kind of materials. We are willing to support you based on appropriate assessment of the hazardous control level.

  • Perform GMP Quality Studies (Acceptance test of active pharmaceutical ingredients, Release test of drug products) as a contract laboratory for not only R&D products but also commercial products.
  • Prevent chemical hazard materials from diffusing to external environment by handling them in the chemical hazard room (Atmospheric diffusion: HEPA filter, Wastewater: Use tanks to dispose as industrial waste).
  • Keep safety of analysts through procedures standardized by safety equipment and SOP.

Inquiries about our services

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