Dispatching / contracting in PMS

With increasing importance in PMS (Post Marketing Surveillance), demands for services in adverse reaction reporting is on the upside. By corresponding with high flexibility to the needs and wishes of our clients, we dispatch best-fit human resources / conduct work in contract projects to facilitate smooth and effective implementation of PMS.


Features & Strengths

Know-how nurtured as a pioneering CRO

  • Boost both the speed and quality of data collection
  • By utilizing dispatched staff services, our clients can focus their in-house human resources in their core businesses

One-stop correspondence by CMIC Group

  • PMS dispatch / contract corresponding to clients’ needs in a flexible manner, e.g. Collaboration with data management in one integral contract project

Major Services

  • Staff dispatching for Post-Marketing Surveillance (PMS)
  • Conduct and data collection of Post-Marketing Surveillance (PMS) – contract
  • Collaboration in contract service with data management

Case study

  • Dispatch / contract services provided to major foreign-affiliated pharmaceutical company
  • Maintaining high quality in PMS services (GPSP, GVP) and effective implementation (reduce MR workload)

Inquiries about our services

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