Safety Pharmacology Studies

  • We provide consistent services from screening test to GLP studies and clinical studies.
  • We can provide services for cardiovascular testing in special facilities in which our own techniques have been accumulated, infusion testing in dogs and monkeys, and arrythmia analysis by 24-hour full waveform using a Holter electrocardiographic monitor.

List of Studies

Core Battery Studies

Cardiovascular System
Cardiovascular function test using unrestrained conscious animals (monkeys, dogs, and rats) hERG current measurement tests (HEK263 cells)
Action potential duration (APD) test using isolated cardiac muscle (guinea pigs)
Respiratory System
Respiratory function test by plethysmograph using unrestrained conscious animals (rats)
Respiratory rate measurement/blood gas analysis using unrestrained conscious animals (dogs and monkeys)
Central Nervous System
Functional observation battery (FOB) tests (rats, dogs, and monkeys)
Modified Irwinç—´ test (mice and rats)

Follow-up Studies

  • Cardiac function/ QT interval prolongation test under anesthesia (dogs and monkeys)
  • Monophasic action potential (MAP) test (dogs)
  • Cardiovascular test using dogs with complete atrioventricular block (Collaboration with Yamanashi Research Center of Clinical Pharmacology)
  • Yamanashi Research Center of Clinical Pharmacology
    We provide testing services using pathological animal models such as chronic atrioventricular block (AV-Block) model as well as testing services to evaluate the effect of drugs on cardiovascular function (QT interval prolongation, cardiac function) under the instruction of Professor Atsushi Yamanaka, Department of Pharmacology, Toho University.

Screening Tests

  • Ionic current measurement screening tests (Collaboration with ChanneloSearch Technology)
    ChanneloSearch Technology
    We conduct current measurement tests using cell lines expressing various ion channels provided by ChanneloSearch Technology.
    Home Page of ChanneloSearch Technology
  • Cardiovascular function test in unanesthetized animals

Supplemental Studies

  • Studies on influences on gastrointestinal system, and on electrolyte.
  • Others (Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests)

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